The ENTELS partner organisations are working to generate a number of outcomes in order to fulfill the project’s aims and objectives. These outcomes will maximise the positive effects of the project.


ENTELS Project Outcomes: shutterstock_91096202

  • Set up a webportal and a platform to facilitate collaboration between project partners.
  • Analyse previously researched and piloted teacher-training projects in Europe and beyond.
  • Select innovative practices from existing teacher-training projects and alter them to facilitate the development of basic and transversal skills that lead students to acquire 21st century skills.
  • Design teacher professional development modules on:
    • ICT Toolkit – Teachers learn how to use web tools for creating simple webpages, for creating mind maps and for introducing coding to students. There are four minor tasks to complete along with a final module assignment. This module is mandatory for all participants.
    • Learner-Centred Approaches – Provides you with practical examples of personal learning environment, problem- based learning, collaborative learning and enquiry-based learning. This module will also provide access to various online repositories relevant to your subject area.
    • Entrepreneurship – participants learn how to set up and develop virtual company projects with students.  They will develop an understanding of the skills and characteristics needed for students’ proactive learning, confidence and acquisition of entrepreneurial skills.
    • Assessment Approaches – participants are introduced to some formative assessment approaches, strategies and tools such as e-Portfolio, rubrics, video diaries, etc. You will be shown how to use technology to capture students’ progress and how to set up student online questionnaire for a variety of uses.
  • Facilitate pilot-testing of the professional development modules with teachers in partner counties to generate actionable feedback and research.
  • A final conference in order to bring awareness to education stakeholders on eLearning design in teacher CPD and to disseminate ENTELS project results and products across Europe.